Why you should test your car battery twice a year


Day after day, your car battery breathes life into your engine. From the lights and radio to the windows and air conditioning, it powers every electrical component in your car. Despite their crucial role, car batteries are forgotten about until they die without notice, leaving you stranded.

Good quality car batteries are extremely reliable and can have an impressive lifespan of up to five years. That said, most car batteries fail within two to three years due to a lack of maintenance.

Cold winters are harsh on car batteries, but hot temperatures actually do more harm and can lead to battery failure in winter. The specialists at Battery Centre recommend getting a free battery check twice a year, ideally at the start of the summer and winter season.

If you notice a sluggish or failed start, your battery may need replacing but other causes should also be considered. Grime and corrosion on your battery terminals can impact your battery’s functioning, while a defective alternator, a malfunctioning starter or poor connections could also affect your car’s power supply. You can get your car’s alternator and starter checked, and your battery terminals cleaned at a Battery Centre near you – free of charge.

A battery check every six months is all it takes to keep your battery healthy and powered up all year round. Visit any Battery Centre for a free battery test and expert advice on all things batteries.


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