Start/stop technology for a renewable future


Automotive batteries have changed a great deal since the invention of the sealed battery in 1971, adapting to meet the ever-increasing power demands of vehicles. But now, new start/stop battery technology is also serving to reduce the impact of cars on the environment.

Start/stop technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions by stopping a vehicle’s engine when the car comes to a halt, and then restarting it when the brake is released.

When a start/stop vehicle is driving, an energy management system decouples the alternator during acceleration, allowing more of the engine’s power to be directed to the wheels. The alternator is only recoupled again when the battery’s state of charge falls below a predefined threshold. This means that the battery is continuously discharging by solely powering all the electrical devices.

When the vehicle brakes, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy which is fed back into the fast-charging battery. And when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, the start/stop system switches off the engine and the battery powers all the electrical devices, while maintaining enough charge to instantly restart the vehicle when the driver accelerates again.

This innovative and environmentally conscious technology has been proven to cut fuel consumption by as much as 12%, depending on driving conditions. Start/stop technology is revolutionising the automotive industry and motoring in general and is poised to become tomorrow’s standard technology.

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