Top 5 battery myths debunked

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Batteries are core to a car’s functioning, but there are many misconceptions about how to properly care for them. From jumpstarting to recharging, Battery Centre debunks common myths about car batteries.

Myth: A battery should last for a certain amount of time.
Fact: Predicting a battery’s lifespan isn’t simple as it depends on factors such as proper installation, climate, how often the car is used and if the battery and car are correctly maintained. Battery Centre specialists can properly check, service and recharge vehicle batteries, increasing battery life and reliability.

Myth: Batteries last longer in warm climates.
Fact: Warm climates can deteriorate car batteries through water loss, heat distortion and increased corrosion. If you’re in a warm environment, visit a Battery Centre to check that your battery is in a full state of charge. Battery Centre also stocks robust batteries that are more resistant to water loss, ensuring that your battery lasts longer.

Myth: A battery light displaying on your vehicle console means a flat battery.
Fact: A battery light means that there’s a problem with the car’s charging system and that the car is running on battery power alone. If you keep driving in this condition, the car will eventually stop functioning, and this could damage your car’s electrical system.

Myth: Driving a car after a jump start will recharge the battery.
Fact: No amount of driving will fully recharge a dead battery. The only way to restore a battery is with a battery charger. You’ll also save on fuel by using a charger to restore the battery to its maximum charge. But if you do have to jump start, visit your nearest Battery Centre to get your battery checked and charged by experts.

Myth: A car battery will recharge when the car is off.
Fact: Batteries have a natural self-discharge, and most modern vehicle electronics draw power from the battery, even when the car is turned off. So, over time, a battery will discharge if the car isn’t driven. The only way to combat this is to drive regularly or connect a maintenance charger.

For the best advice, visit Battery Centre and get the specialists to help you maintain your battery to boost its lifespan and reliability

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