Powering more adventures across South Africa


It’s an unfortunate reality, but many South Africans still don’t take the opportunity to enjoy a ‘local is lekker’ holiday. Instead of exploring our nine diverse provinces – which combined offer everything from towering mountain peaks, flowering grasslands, world-class beaches, tropical forests and even deserts – locals tend to stick to more familiar routes and destinations, mainly to visit family and friends.

Common reasons for not venturing off the beaten path are that people are concerned that their car won’t handle the long trips and demanding conditions or, worse yet, that they get stranded in a one-horse town.

But with a battery specialist around just about every corner, battery failures should be the last thing keeping you from enriching life experiences in your backyard. As SA’s most trusted battery specialist, Battery Centre powers the adventures of almost every traveller with industry-leading Raylite batteries whose nationwide warranty makes them the perfect choice for complete peace of mind on the road.

Whether you prefer to travel by car, motorcycle or truck, Battery Centre carries a full range of batteries for any vehicle, and with decades of experience, Battery Centre’s battery fitment is professional and precise to the specifications of your car. Don’t let battery worries keep you from the adventures that await. If you’re unsure about the state of your battery, contact Battery Centre for a free battery test. Testing your battery twice a year will reduce battery failure and ensure you have a smooth and adventurous drive throughout the year.

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