Why do 100% of South African car manufacturers trust Raylite batteries?

The developers of Raylite batteries have been in the battery-making business for almost 90 years.

Over the decades, Raylite battery technology has continued to advance, not just keeping pace with new developments and technology, but leading the way. Not only do Raylite batteries offer a three-times longer cycle life, but they’re also at the forefront of start/stop technology.

And this is where it all started…


Go green with Battery Centre

We care about protecting the environment. That’s why Battery Centre franchises nationwide collect used batteries for recycling. Through our own recycling facility we can help save the environment, prevent waste and create quality new batteries.

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Our batteries won’t let you down

home_small_battsOur high-quality, technologically advanced range of Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) Raylite motor car starter batteries are proudly manufactured in SA and now carry an extended two-year warranty. Choose the battery specialists for industry-leading service and reliability.

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